Hiring! Scorekeeping & Arena Music for Esquimalt Games

The Vancouver Island Lacrosse League (VILL) is hiring for two positions for the 2023 season. Are you a rink rat that loves getting out to local lacrosse games? Want to get out and enjoy fast-paced VILL action in Esquimalt, and put a little money in your jeans while you're doing it? Let us know!


Some experience is an asset, especially in understanding multiple penalties. Lacrosse is very much like hockey, so hockey experience is great too.

Arena Music:

Bring a device, connect to wi-fi, and connect to the arena stereo via 3.5 mm audio cable. We'll have public playlists on Apple Music/Spotify. Just locate the playlists and play/stop music - during warm-ups, intermissions, and stoppages in play.


For both of the above positions, take a look at games in Esquimalt at Archie Browning Sports Centre listed on our Schedule page. There are 2 games per night back-to-back, and we'd want you to work both. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7:30 & 9pm.

If you're interested, please get in touch with Kurt Bronson. Thanks!