Playoff Update and All-Star Appreciation

VILL Playoff Double Knock-Out Format and Update:

The Saanich Express have kept their unbeaten streak alive through their first 2 postseason games, sending the Wsanec Arrows (19-5 final, link to recap) and the short-staffed Greater Victoria Firefighters (16-3 final, link to recap) over to the knockout bracket. Also in the knockout bracket are the Cowichan Rats, who fell to the Firefighters 6-2 (link to recap). On the other side of the playoff ladder, the Victoria Blazers are also on track sending the Victoria Jokers to the knockout bracket (10-1 final, link to recap). The Cowichan Thunder and Westshore Aces still await their first playoff game, and we'll see them match up Monday in Duncan at the Cowichan Community Centre (link to game preview).

If you're having trouble following the playoff format, you're not alone! It took us a while to get our heads around it too. Maybe this will help - "double knock-out" means essentially this: if you lose twice, you're eliminated. Teams match up based on their regular season seeding, and either advance on the winner bracket, or after a first loss they bump over to the knockout bracket where they fight to stay in the mix.

All-Star Appreciation!

We'd very much like for you to join us in extending a warm THANK YOU to all of those who supported our first ever VILL All-Star Game! Thanks to the participants! Thanks to the spectators! Thanks to those of you who bought raffle tickets! And specifically, thank you very much to the Victoria Shamrocks, Canucks Sports & Entertainment, Victoria Royals, Liquor Plus, and Primo Lacrosse for your support and contributions! Most importantly, a huge thank you to our volunteers - Tatiana Paul, Mike Bell, Tyson Leies (who also donated some game-worn gloves!), and Kasey Eriksen (whose photos we'd love for you to check out on Facebook)! We appreciate you all big time. Thanks again!